3 Things for June 14th, 2010

#1. Michelle, Kurt and Russell with a little help from a few others hosted the best blueberry vs. chocolate chip World Cup 2010 pancake breakfast ever in the history of blueberry vs. chocolate chip World Cup 2010 pancake breakfasts. We love them for it. And yes they are best eaten together. (The Pancakes, you silly people.)

#2. HOW did we watch the game you ask? Through the magic of slingbox. (NOT slingblade, Mr. Nelson.) Slingbox. And the kindness of Monica Kuzma. Thanks, Monica. From all of us.

#3. The unbelievably-talented, unstoppable and unforgettable George Soukup is now a full time Purveyor of the Unexpected. That’s a tremendous addition to the TRIS3CT team. Stop by and congratulate him when you get a chance.

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3 Things for April 8th, 2010

Perfect for reading in between April cloudbursts.

1. Love your Team. Grow the Ivy. Win a little hardware.

The Old Style team successfully crashed the PMA Reggie Awards held at the swanky Fairmount Hotel, and our signature campaign took home a shiny piece of silver. This comes just in time for 2010 ivy-growing bottles, sprouting all over Chicago this spring.

At the Reggies, there was camaraderie…

There was celebration…

There was quiet contemplation…

There was balloon hijacking…

2. Cubs opening day means new Old Style Campaign in Wrigleyville.

If Old Style and the Chicago Cubs were a married couple, this would be their 60th year of wedded bliss. That means 60 years of afternoons in the most beloved park in baseball, with hands wrapped around a cold Old Style hoping to see them hoist the W flag. To commemorate this occasion and one of the longest running sponsorships in sports, Tris3ct created the Old Style Diamond Anniversary campaign. The work is a much welcome sign of spring. And you don’t have to hunt for it—just stumble out of Sluggers on Clark St. and you’ll stumble upon a campaign highlight. Just don’t get any ideas.

3. Dave Wasserman: First Trisect employee to travel through space (on a Segway replica)

We’ve seen glimpses. We’ve heard its chirping. Some of us have even rolled through this insanely huge office on its two mighty wheels. The faux-Segway–brought by Wass’ awesome parents all the way from St. Louis. And now it’s the new answer for how Dave is able to balance so much work and still make it everywhere, on time and in good spirits. Congrats on your two-wheel skills, and many thanks for answering that internal question we’ve all had–”Will I look silly riding one of those?”

It begs the question (or maybe it doesn’t): who will ride it in the Christmas video?

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3 Things for the 3rd Month of 2010

Welcome new hire, the number 4, to this month’s 3 Things.

1. Old Style Ivy Bottles Named a Reggies Finalist.

Congrats to the Old Style team! Tris3ct’s “Love Your Team. Grow the Ivy.” For Old Style has been named a Reggie’s Finalist in the Local, Regional Marketing under $1 MM category. The winner will be announced during the awards reception on March 24th. And keep your eyes peeled and your hands warm for the new 2010 bottles arriving in Wrigleyville just in time for the Cubs’ opening day.

2. TRESemmé Strutted Its Stuff at Fashion Week! (February 11-18)

As a sign of the continual creative and strategic growth of the agency, the Alberto-Culver team TRESpass’d boldly at Bryant Park. The Out of Home campaign effortlessly communicated a broad range of topics—including a sweepstakes, the launch of 2 new product lines, key product benefits and the TRESpass CRM program. But the panels still needed something unexpected—a fresh attitude and a look that stood out against the NY winter. It was this list of demands that showed off the exceptional copy skills of Sarah Ghesquiere, and even led West Siders to dub the brilliant campaign “Linda Holland’s 3rd Child”.

Congrats to the A/C team for a campaign that’s really remarkable. Check out the creative, and then TRESpass on Facebook.

While buying tissues, I happened to find more A/C work at CVS.

3. New, Space-aged Culligan Bottleless Water Coolers Giving LaCroix a Run for Its Money.

If you’ve gotten a glass of water without kicking an empty 5-gallon bottle, you’ve noticed the new, bottleless water coolers from Culligan. But did you know, that every time you take a sip of water you’re toasting Tris3ct? Well, you are. Because the Tris3ct team designed the branding and collateral for this product last year.

Raise a glass of Culligan water—in hot, cold, and room temp (or any secret combination thereof). And think twice about cracking open that Pamplemousse LaCroix.

Culligan win.

Thanks to Culligan Marketing Manager, Cheryl Travaglianti, for making this happen. She’s working on-site on the West Side, by BT and Kurt.

4. West Side Conference Room Signs, by Brian Kemerley.

After the buzz generated by the Tris3ct doorstop, Brian Kemerley channeled elements earth and fire yet again to create the pig-inspired, West Side conference room signs. As a show of West Loop Pride, we’ve officially named the new conference rooms Wilbur, Trough, Bacon and Tenderloin to honor the flavor of the neighborhood—pork.

Many thanks to Brian, can’t wait to see what you create next

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3 Things for February 8th, 2010

This 3 things memo is brought to you by American Airlines and the 4 hours of free time they gave me on my flight to Los Angeles.

3 Things for Monday, February 8th.

1.) So in the #1 spot this posting was a very “unexpected”, surprise visit from Channel 2 news to the Trisect offices last Friday, February 5th. Channel 2 reporter Suzanne Le Mignot taught us all a quick lesson in being nimble and fast to market as she scripted, filmed and produced this exciting piece on employment trends in just one day and we were on the air that very night on the 6 pm news.

The segment features Sharon Ali, who has joined us recently to help start-up our Multicultural initiative and to work on Shopper Marketing assignments. The piece is centered around Sharon as a great example of people who have lost their jobs in this economy and are now finding new opportunities in Chicago.

If you’ve seen the clip, you already know that Sharon Ali steals the show with a glowing endorsement of Trisect and the opportunities for all of us in today’s market. The supporting cast of Tim Nelson, Paul Kuzma and the “yellow couch” all help paint our agency in a very warm light.

Congratulations all.

Here’s the link.

2.) Trisect & Kawasaki win 5th best Mobile Marketer of 2009. It might be best for you to read this link than to read my “spin”. But this is a great recognition because we were one of the only temporary, “promotional” events to win. The other winners were company wide ongoing mobile platforms like Ralph Lauren and The Walt Disney Company.

To me, this speaks volumes to the way we approach our assignments as brand building platforms unto themselves. Due to major budget cuts throughout the powersports industry, The Kawasaki Text, Win, Ride event needed to support both the promotional sales goals of the dealers as well as the Kawasaki brand image goals for the year. Using mobile as the connection point between brand, dealer and rider, we were able to capture record participation from dealers and consumers for the GreenLight Event.

And if you happen to be in the market for a Kawasaki, keep your eyes on the horizon for new Trisect work arriving in 2010.

You can read all about it here.

3.  We got an additional coffee maker recently. And I’ve got a few new employees to blame for that. The bustling new West Side of Tris3ct has been growing like the loss column of the Trisectasaurus Soccer Team. Below are just a few highlights of that growth.

We’ve welcomed Linda Holland as the new Creative Director on the Alberto Culver business. We brought Zach Burdick on fulltime as an Art Director after he worked tirelessly with Trisect for the past 6 months as a star freelancer on our Alberto Culver team. And we’re very excited to welcome Kurt Warner to our offices to run our offensive line. In truth, “the real Kurt Warner” as he’s known to his friends has joined Trisect as a copywriting intern. So drop by and ask him what it’s like to share a famous name and why his shoes are so clean.

We also welcomed Soraya Faber to Trisect last week and I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about developments in Soraya’s group over the coming months. For now, Soraya will be helping with our growing Alberto Culver business, developing the A/C 2011 planning  process and also establishing a new agency-wide platform for multi-cultural marketing. If that wasn’t enough, she’s also a brand new Mom with a new baby boy at home, Tommy. Please stop by and join me in welcoming her to Trisect.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this concludes this “3 Things” memo. Please fasten your seatbelts and return your brains to their upright positions.

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3 Things for December 21st, 2009

1.) On Thursday December 17th Tris3ct observed National Tim Nelson T-Shirt Day to honor our Managing Director who happens to have the same name. We celebrated the occasion, and Tim’s fondness for wearing Blago-esque running outfits to the office with a special, Tim Nelson T-Shirt Day t-shirt– designed by our very own David Jensen. To show our appreciation for all he does for us, every single last member of Tris3ct wore their t-shirt on the 17th. You too can celebrate the day and attempt to creep out the man himself with your very own Tim Nelson t-shirt, available here.

2.) Now that the Fishbowl in Tris3ct East has been reclaimed as a reception area, we decided to add some graceful accent lighting in the form of the gentle glow from Tris3ct’s first holiday tree. Standing at about 7 ft. tall, this gentle giant is decorated with some of our favorite client products including bath tissue, beer cans, hangtags, neckers and other ephemera we produced through the year. And of course, our business cards. The tree has come to symbolize the culmination of a great year, and all the work and people that helped to make it so.

3.) And speaking of celebrating a great year, last Friday was the Tris3ct holiday party. It’s the annual gathering, this year at the esteemed Fiesta Mexicana, where all the employees and some of our freelancers get together to give thanks and unleash our true feelings for Mr. Richard Thomas. Without him, we wouldn’t be here. And without the video we made for him, we wouldn’t believe the ways you could ride a bicycle around the office. Everyone tried their hand at both writing and singing karaoke songs– or as we like to call it, Paradyoke. Don’t worry. We won’t be releasing any albums any time soon.

But anyway, there was much to celebrate and be thankful for.

This year we were the third fastest growing agency. Some other stuff happened too, and you can check out some of that here.

But we couldn’t have done it without our clients. Their dedication and commitment to ideas and creative really enabled this to be our best year ever.

Until next year.

2010 baby.

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3 Things for November 20th, 2009

1.) A rare sun sighting this morning made the South Face of Tris3ct appear extremely bright and cheery this morning. And in that spirit, I wanted to remind you all that our Merry & Bright Holiday Party will be on December 18th this year. Please plan accordingly and give your clients and plans adequate notice. To all you clients lurking on this blog, no calls on the 18th.

2.) Today marks the end of the very first week of TRIS3CT WEST. And the start of our amazing expansion. If you haven’t had a cup of coffee or a layout meeting over the new “Mighty Table of Community” or MTOC for short, please venture over there and let the wild rumpus start. The 4 new mini-conference rooms have been in active use and even without the arrival of the new conference table and the New Main Conference Room in the West End has proven to be a great new, professional meeting space. [NOTE: I’m still taking suggestions for the names of the 4 rooms, but “parts of the pig” seems to be leading the pack at this point.]  There are a lot more new changes on the horizon in the New Year as well. My huge thanks to the Alberto Culver team for taking the first leap into the new space, right in the middle of one of your busiest times of the year. Thank you also to Sheila for all her hard work in organizing the move and planning the space with our building. There are great things to come for all of Tris3ct.

3.) Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. If you want a copy of the Legendary Kuzma Family Stuffing Recipe, stop by next Wednesday morning. And maybe if you ask really nice, I’ll share.

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3 Things for November 2, 2009

Instead of a 3-course meal this week, how about one big, heaping helping of Delicious Discussions?

Picture 1

If you have ever wondered where your consumers are hiding, you might just find the answer when you join us for the first of our Morning Food Fights.

While you do battle with a scrumptious breakfast, you’ll get firsthand accounts of success from those who have pinned down the modern consumer. Our piping-hot paneled discussion features industry experts:

• Andrew Mason from Groupon

• Rory Finlay from Jim Beam

• Abby Berlien from Feeding America

• Laura Keely from Kimberly-Clark

The discussion will be moderated by Scott Moore, Sr. Director of Global Marketing Analytics for Kimberly-Clark.

If you’re having trouble tracking down your hidden consumers, we’re here to help guide the way. Join us at the Mid-America Club to crack open an egg of knowledge and gain some hot-off-the-grill insights.

Hurry! Space is limited! Sign up today!

Tuesday November 10, 2009 from 8:30-11:30 A.M. at the Mid-America Club for the first of our Morning Food Fights Discussion Series: Finding Your Hidden Consumers.

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3 things for October 5, 2009


1) TRIS3CT plays with paper dolls.
The first thing you should do is watch this:

Enter a world inside a roll of Scott Naturals Paper Towels and see how Scott Naturals are making recycled paper content a part of our everyday lives. With the help of the dangerously talented, visionary animators at Bent Animation, we were able to bring this paper world to life to showcase that you can “save a little more than just money” on your paper goods.

A huge thank you to some incredible friends of Trisect, Aaron Noffsinger, John Kistner and Mike Antonucci for helping bring this vision to life. Take a look. Enter a roll of Paper Towels and see how Scott Naturals are changing the world around us.

The Scott Naturals work also comes to life in print, retail and FSI executions thanks to our good friends at Bending Light and art director Linda Holland.

This was one of our first “live” projects for Kimberly Clark and I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank our talented, sharp and passionate clients for their great guidance on this project – Thank you Ellen Wheeler, Aric Melzl, Matt Kolton and Erik Seidel.

Look carefully in the animation and you might see yourself reflected in paper.

Picture 1

2) Have you been Kraeusened yet?

Sometimes a simple invitation is not enough. Old Style Brewmaster Bob Newman delivered over 10,000 samples (not all personally!) and 92% of those people preferred the new Kraeusened formula. Bob also hit the airwaves this summer and helped Kraeusen more than just Old Style with Think Local. Drink Local. Radio campaign. We also invited Old Style bars and fans to tell us the “Story Behind The Sign” and got a substantial amount of submissions and great Old Style Authentically Kraeusened stories on our website.


Now, for those of you who need a little more convincing, Bob and the rest of the Old Style team in partnership with Tris3ct are proud to bring you the Old Style Taste Guarantee. Just pick up any Authentically Kraeusened Old Style and try the improved taste. If you love it, go online and we’ll give you $20 in coupons for your next purchases. If you’re one of the very few who don’t, you’ll get a refund.

Simple. No risk. Authentic. Local. Product guarantee.

If we Kraeusened your fridge, it would be full of Old Style. And our Taste Guarantee.

3) In the #3 spot this week, Tris3ct welcomed a whole new chapter to our story with the recent arrival of new Group Account Director, Jennie Logan.

Picture 1

Ms. Logan brings fantastic retail experience and leadership to the agency in addition to an unusual amount of Baltimore pride and Irish dancing skills. And by dancing, I mean drinking. To welcome her, we all got ceremonial sunburns, learned how to Riverdance, and ordered custom TRIS3CT ear plugs. And to whoever put the can of cat food in her file drawer. Not cool.

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3 things for September 18, 2009


1) Digital Kraeusening
Did you always want to pour an Old Style on a website? Or your friends website? The Old Style Beer Tap is here for you. This little piece of digital fun was created in partnership with some of our good friends at Juice Interactive and has been Kraeuseneing websites all summer long. Try it yourself here and get Kraeusened. And if you haven’t been Kraeusened yet, we’ve got our best incentive yet live here. That’s the Old Style brewing tradition of making things better. See it in action here and try it for yourself at  www.oldstylebeertap.com.


2) In a rough economy, Retail Promotion helps slow the skid.
It’s no secret that the Powersports Industry is down significantly over 2008. And dealer visits are way down. Trisect helped give Kawasaki an unexpected boost this past spring and summer with an industry first – The Kawasaki Greenlight Text, Win, Ride Promotion. Kawi fans were given the chance to Text to Win the Kawasaki of their choice, but they had to bring their phone into their local dealer to see if they won. Also the Sales Staff had the chance to start a conversation about Kawasaki with customers by inviting them to try the Text promotion in store. All texters were invited to get future offers & exclusive content from their favorite Kawasaki brands. Get the Greenlight for Adrenaline and check out a few pics here.




3) New “toy” of the moment.
It seems like I can’t go anywhere these days without hearing one of my clients say Augmented Reality. I’m certainly not trying to run an innovations blog here, but we’d have to be fools not to be tracking this one. Topps 3D Baseball Cards are the first US consumer product to gain popularity in this space. Holding a card, product or object up to a webcam, camera or mobile phone camera makes a 3D motion image appear on the card on your computer screen. The packaging and promotional applications feel endless at this point. (Example:  Hold your 12-pack of Old Style up to your mobile phone camera. If you see a 3D Wrigley Field appear on your Old Style 12-Pack, you’ve won tickets to the game. If you see a beer get poured into a glass, you didn’t win, but can still enjoy your beer.) Is this one here to say? Looks like it. Now it’s up to some creatives to figure out how to use it well. Here’s a link to an nice adage article that explains it all.

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3 Things for September 4, 2009


1) The Scott Paper people delivered a truckload (not a metaphor – a real live truckload) of paper products to the agency last week and placed them in our hallway. Now THAT is commitment. We have got to get our Old Style client on this idea! The best sign here is that it really feels like we’re a part of Scott’s marketing team and working together to create something new. Congrats to all the people on the K/C team who have cultivated this relationship so far and whatever you’re doing to net us free paper towels, keep it up. The entire core team, and hopefully a lot of you, each got product to take home and try. So I’m curious. What did you think? Side by side in your own bathroom, how does the Scott Naturals rate against their classic 1,000 count? And what did you think of the Extra Soft? Keep it clean, people. Remember, Scott is a sensible guy.

Scott Delivery1

Scott Delivery2

2) The Kellogg’s RFP has landed. And just so you know, we’re not alone in this pitch. From what we’ve heard, almost every agency in the city is in on this one. We’re going to need a lot of help and support over the next 2 weeks to pull this project together and I’d like to use this opportunity to really define the kind of agency we want to be. Collaborative, thoughtful, strategic and of course, mind-blowing. We’ve got a chance to redefine how ideas can shape the future of the Kellogg’s company and we’ll all need to work together on this assignment. End of cereal box.

3) The Alberto Culver work from this agency continues to get stronger and stronger. Both creatively and strategically. If you don’t know, the team is in the midst of 2010 planning on our 3 core brands – TRESemmé, Nexxus and St. Ives. And just landed a great assignment to design out of home bus shelters for TRESemmé in New York in support of Fashion Week. Check out the killer copy from Michelle Horne in the attached sample JPEGs below. And now that work has led to a great opportunity to create a Fashion Week Mall Tour that’s bringing the best of Fashion Week to the rest of the country this fall for TRES in partnership with Westfield Malls. Congrats to the entire A/C team.




TRES Booth

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