3 Things for January 27th, 2011

A look back at the year of the tiger.

#1. Our holiday party started with an unusual amount of class. Because, on that day, we were what Don Draper, Roger Sterling, and Peggy Olson wish they were—well-dressed Tris3ctors. Look at how we took a Mad Men-themed holiday party to strange and unusual places and see if you can spot your favorite bloke or bird of little t.

#2. At Tris3ct, there’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than Bacon’ Some Dreams Come True for local kids. So, with the air smelling of cinnamon, spice and rendered pork fat, we had a gift drive for Dreams for Kids as part of their Holiday for Hope. Thanks to Georgia, Sally and Kurt for organizing the event, and to Ryan for capturing some great shots of smiling faces.

#3. She was kind enough to share from the dozen tubs of Red Vines that were waiting for her on her first day at Tris3ct. But that’s only one reason we’re glad to have Sarah Gleason here. She’s a great art director, a triathlete, an accomplished cook (from the looks of her blog) and she’s really nice to have a chat with.

Little known fact, she’s been taking a photo of herself every day at work for 3 years.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/9231815″>Picture a day</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user2192118″>Sarah Gleason</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Welcome to little t, Sarah. We promise we won’t give you bunny ears.

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3 Things for September 27th, 2010

1. Marketing Food Fights Delivers Brilliance at Breakfast

The Chicago Chapter recently hosted its fourth Marketing Food Fight over breakfast at the Mid America Club. Back by popular demand, the delicious discussion paired fresh insights with a side of scrambled eggs. “Borrowing Equity to Build Brands” was the latest topic, and industry experts were hand-selected for their intimate knowledge of spokespeople, sponsorships, sports and all that it takes to reach consumers to share their insights. In addition to all the discussion, there was some action as well. Pro Flatlands BMX rider Terry Adams made an appearance to show off some of his skill. Take a look below for some shots of the event.

2. Viva Towers Over the Competition

Oh, giant VIVA roll how we’ve missed you. You’ve been on quite a journey across this country helping Sandy and her 1-Steppers break quilted habits. We’re so glad you stopped by Tris3ct for hugs and a quick hello. Obviously, some of us missed you more than others. See what else VIVA has been up to, including a cameo by giant VIVA roll, here.

3. Tris3ct gets around to adding an in-house producer. Finally.

Trisect is proud to announce the arrival of Tyler Jay, Executive Producer. Tyler comes to Trisect light on hair follicles but heavy on production experience having worked as both a line producer and as an agency producer. This unique skill set has not only lead to some Oscar-worthy home movies for the Jay family but also helps bolster Trisect’s production capabilities. And it’s already paying off for Trisect clients. On a side note, anyone looking for Tyler to film a totally awesome segway highlight video, save yourself the time. He’ll refuse. I may or may not know from experience.

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3 Things for August 3rd, 2010

#1. The Interns. This summer, we had the privilege to host four interns; Katherine Salerno, Christine Oleksiuk, Demarcus Carlton, and Russell Michniak. Their creativity and passion for the industry is proof that they will be successful in their post-college careers. Thanks for the hard work and we wish you all the best!

#2. We’re #68! We made the PROMO Top 100 again. With the addition of many talented people, we were able to jump a couple spots from #82 to #68. We were also featured in the Retail Spotlight section of the report. To check out all the agencies that made the list click here.

#3. This summer the U3 departed Navy Pier for its maiden voyage on Lake Michigan. What was the big event, you ask? The first-ever Tris3ct Booze Cruise. The cruise featured, well, booze, live paraoke (if you don’t know what paraoke is, Google it), and prizes in 7 categories including Best Paraoke Performance. Good times, and hangovers, were had by all.

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3 Things for June 14th, 2010

#1. Michelle, Kurt and Russell with a little help from a few others hosted the best blueberry vs. chocolate chip World Cup 2010 pancake breakfast ever in the history of blueberry vs. chocolate chip World Cup 2010 pancake breakfasts. We love them for it. And yes they are best eaten together. (The Pancakes, you silly people.)

#2. HOW did we watch the game you ask? Through the magic of slingbox. (NOT slingblade, Mr. Nelson.) Slingbox. And the kindness of Monica Kuzma. Thanks, Monica. From all of us.

#3. The unbelievably-talented, unstoppable and unforgettable George Soukup is now a full time Purveyor of the Unexpected. That’s a tremendous addition to the TRIS3CT team. Stop by and congratulate him when you get a chance.

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3 Things for April 8th, 2010

Perfect for reading in between April cloudbursts.

1. Love your Team. Grow the Ivy. Win a little hardware.

The Old Style team successfully crashed the PMA Reggie Awards held at the swanky Fairmount Hotel, and our signature campaign took home a shiny piece of silver. This comes just in time for 2010 ivy-growing bottles, sprouting all over Chicago this spring.

At the Reggies, there was camaraderie…

There was celebration…

There was quiet contemplation…

There was balloon hijacking…

2. Cubs opening day means new Old Style Campaign in Wrigleyville.

If Old Style and the Chicago Cubs were a married couple, this would be their 60th year of wedded bliss. That means 60 years of afternoons in the most beloved park in baseball, with hands wrapped around a cold Old Style hoping to see them hoist the W flag. To commemorate this occasion and one of the longest running sponsorships in sports, Tris3ct created the Old Style Diamond Anniversary campaign. The work is a much welcome sign of spring. And you don’t have to hunt for it—just stumble out of Sluggers on Clark St. and you’ll stumble upon a campaign highlight. Just don’t get any ideas.

3. Dave Wasserman: First Trisect employee to travel through space (on a Segway replica)

We’ve seen glimpses. We’ve heard its chirping. Some of us have even rolled through this insanely huge office on its two mighty wheels. The faux-Segway–brought by Wass’ awesome parents all the way from St. Louis. And now it’s the new answer for how Dave is able to balance so much work and still make it everywhere, on time and in good spirits. Congrats on your two-wheel skills, and many thanks for answering that internal question we’ve all had–”Will I look silly riding one of those?”

It begs the question (or maybe it doesn’t): who will ride it in the Christmas video?

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3 Things for the 3rd Month of 2010

Welcome new hire, the number 4, to this month’s 3 Things.

1. Old Style Ivy Bottles Named a Reggies Finalist.

Congrats to the Old Style team! Tris3ct’s “Love Your Team. Grow the Ivy.” For Old Style has been named a Reggie’s Finalist in the Local, Regional Marketing under $1 MM category. The winner will be announced during the awards reception on March 24th. And keep your eyes peeled and your hands warm for the new 2010 bottles arriving in Wrigleyville just in time for the Cubs’ opening day.

2. TRESemmé Strutted Its Stuff at Fashion Week! (February 11-18)

As a sign of the continual creative and strategic growth of the agency, the Alberto-Culver team TRESpass’d boldly at Bryant Park. The Out of Home campaign effortlessly communicated a broad range of topics—including a sweepstakes, the launch of 2 new product lines, key product benefits and the TRESpass CRM program. But the panels still needed something unexpected—a fresh attitude and a look that stood out against the NY winter. It was this list of demands that showed off the exceptional copy skills of Sarah Ghesquiere, and even led West Siders to dub the brilliant campaign “Linda Holland’s 3rd Child”.

Congrats to the A/C team for a campaign that’s really remarkable. Check out the creative, and then TRESpass on Facebook.

While buying tissues, I happened to find more A/C work at CVS.

3. New, Space-aged Culligan Bottleless Water Coolers Giving LaCroix a Run for Its Money.

If you’ve gotten a glass of water without kicking an empty 5-gallon bottle, you’ve noticed the new, bottleless water coolers from Culligan. But did you know, that every time you take a sip of water you’re toasting Tris3ct? Well, you are. Because the Tris3ct team designed the branding and collateral for this product last year.

Raise a glass of Culligan water—in hot, cold, and room temp (or any secret combination thereof). And think twice about cracking open that Pamplemousse LaCroix.

Culligan win.

Thanks to Culligan Marketing Manager, Cheryl Travaglianti, for making this happen. She’s working on-site on the West Side, by BT and Kurt.

4. West Side Conference Room Signs, by Brian Kemerley.

After the buzz generated by the Tris3ct doorstop, Brian Kemerley channeled elements earth and fire yet again to create the pig-inspired, West Side conference room signs. As a show of West Loop Pride, we’ve officially named the new conference rooms Wilbur, Trough, Bacon and Tenderloin to honor the flavor of the neighborhood—pork.

Many thanks to Brian, can’t wait to see what you create next

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3 Things for February 8th, 2010

This 3 things memo is brought to you by American Airlines and the 4 hours of free time they gave me on my flight to Los Angeles.

3 Things for Monday, February 8th.

1.) So in the #1 spot this posting was a very “unexpected”, surprise visit from Channel 2 news to the Trisect offices last Friday, February 5th. Channel 2 reporter Suzanne Le Mignot taught us all a quick lesson in being nimble and fast to market as she scripted, filmed and produced this exciting piece on employment trends in just one day and we were on the air that very night on the 6 pm news.

The segment features Sharon Ali, who has joined us recently to help start-up our Multicultural initiative and to work on Shopper Marketing assignments. The piece is centered around Sharon as a great example of people who have lost their jobs in this economy and are now finding new opportunities in Chicago.

If you’ve seen the clip, you already know that Sharon Ali steals the show with a glowing endorsement of Trisect and the opportunities for all of us in today’s market. The supporting cast of Tim Nelson, Paul Kuzma and the “yellow couch” all help paint our agency in a very warm light.

Congratulations all.

Here’s the link.

2.) Trisect & Kawasaki win 5th best Mobile Marketer of 2009. It might be best for you to read this link than to read my “spin”. But this is a great recognition because we were one of the only temporary, “promotional” events to win. The other winners were company wide ongoing mobile platforms like Ralph Lauren and The Walt Disney Company.

To me, this speaks volumes to the way we approach our assignments as brand building platforms unto themselves. Due to major budget cuts throughout the powersports industry, The Kawasaki Text, Win, Ride event needed to support both the promotional sales goals of the dealers as well as the Kawasaki brand image goals for the year. Using mobile as the connection point between brand, dealer and rider, we were able to capture record participation from dealers and consumers for the GreenLight Event.

And if you happen to be in the market for a Kawasaki, keep your eyes on the horizon for new Trisect work arriving in 2010.

You can read all about it here.

3.  We got an additional coffee maker recently. And I’ve got a few new employees to blame for that. The bustling new West Side of Tris3ct has been growing like the loss column of the Trisectasaurus Soccer Team. Below are just a few highlights of that growth.

We’ve welcomed Linda Holland as the new Creative Director on the Alberto Culver business. We brought Zach Burdick on fulltime as an Art Director after he worked tirelessly with Trisect for the past 6 months as a star freelancer on our Alberto Culver team. And we’re very excited to welcome Kurt Warner to our offices to run our offensive line. In truth, “the real Kurt Warner” as he’s known to his friends has joined Trisect as a copywriting intern. So drop by and ask him what it’s like to share a famous name and why his shoes are so clean.

We also welcomed Soraya Faber to Trisect last week and I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about developments in Soraya’s group over the coming months. For now, Soraya will be helping with our growing Alberto Culver business, developing the A/C 2011 planning  process and also establishing a new agency-wide platform for multi-cultural marketing. If that wasn’t enough, she’s also a brand new Mom with a new baby boy at home, Tommy. Please stop by and join me in welcoming her to Trisect.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this concludes this “3 Things” memo. Please fasten your seatbelts and return your brains to their upright positions.

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