3 Things for July 22, 2011

#1. Unexpected reunion at little “t”

Tris3ct continues to hold true to its commitment to creating unexpected intersections between brands, ideas and people, most recently proven by the unexpected reunion among Lauren Zeinfeld and Ally Healey – two friends who unbeknownst to each other (and us) started at little “t” just days apart. Screams followed by joy followed by a quick catch up informed all the east side residents of 2N that they must know each other.

What else do Lauren and Ally have in common?

  • They both went to DePaul.
  • They both had the same major.
  • They both like the same types of people (hence they have the same friends).
  • They both rode Lauren’s scooter to lunch the other day.
  • They both can recite the alphabet backwards in less than 10 seconds.
  • And now they can both say they work at Tris3ct.

How unexpected.

#2. West Loop Frying Pan.
The long awaited summer has finally arrived and along with unseasonably warm (and climbing temperatures) Mother Nature has been gracious enough to dump big ol’ buckets of humidity on us too. That said, if there really is a place so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk, we’re pretty certain it’s the West Loop.
Here’s an egg frying on the street.

#3. Uni-ball asks, “What does your pen say about you?”

They say first impressions are everything. Apparently that applies even when it comes to writing instruments. TRIS3CT uncovered the insight that “the pen you choose says a lot about you” —especially for young professionals in their work environment. The strategy was to demonstrate that Uni-ball pens are an easy and affordable way for our target to improve their everyday experiences. The campaign garnered a number of other firsts as well…

-First fully integrated campaign that included digital, social media and promotions for the Uni-ball brand

-First commercial directing project from Fred Savage who has directed Modern Family and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

-First web video campaign (1, 2, and 3) from the brand to target young professionals with humor

-First major online and on-pack instant win promotion for Uni-ball

What we love most about all of these fabulous firsts are the unexpected results…

-Over one million facebook page views and counting.

-Triple the number of likes for the brand on their facebook page.

-Countless media articles, PR and free exposure for the brand. Read some of the reviews below…

Ad Age


Lewis Lazare, now of ReelChicago

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