3 Things for May 23, 2011

#1. Little t’s #5

Out of all the companies in Illinois, The Daily Herald Business Ledger honored us as the 5th best small/mid-size company to work for. The results were based on a company evaluation and an online survey administered privately to all employees—it’s an honor we strongly agree with. As you may have witnessed from this blog, we think we’ve got a great place to work. But here’s a little bit of why we think we’re #5:

10. The first hello of the morning

9. The rooftop view

8. Cool-de-sac

7. Big table free lunch

6. The infectious laughs of the office

5. Workout balls taking over

4. El Presidente

3. Fat truck megaphone

2. Music sharing

1. Beer & Timesheets
#2. It’s So Hard To Say Good-Bye

Two of our nearest and dearest TRIS3CTERS, Emily and April are bidding us adieu.

Emily is headed back to Tejas to pursue warm weather and a Ban De Soleil tan. It’s only been a few weeks and we already miss her trademark cackle more than she knows. A talented writer who worked across many accounts, Emily’s quick laugh, tenacity and gung-ho attitude will be a hard act to follow.

April’s leaving us to go down-under and discover that Aussies like more than Fosters, koala bears and bloomin’ onions. The glue that kept the Kimberly Clark account sane, April’s ability to remember all the details with a cool head will be one of her many talents we’ll miss. On top of her workload, she also started the TRIS3CT GALL3ERY and made sure every birthday boy and girl had cake. April, you sure we can’t install that Bat phone?

Best of luck to these über-talented ladies. We wish you continued success in all your endeavors.

#3. One Night. Stained.

To celebrate the launch of Stained by Sharpie, we threw a party—a party that started clean and then got progressively more colorful thanks to 16 bright shades of fabric markers. Each of us stepped up to a blank canvas, and, like we do, we built off of each other’s ideas. You can watch it all happen in this time-lapse video.
Stop by the west side to add a sketch or two to the unfinished piece.

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