3 Things for May 12, 2011

#1. Business Tim Hits the Big Time

TRIS3CT has a new president and he goes by the name of Tim Nelson. Tim has been appointed from managing director to president, yet the employees were saying the same thing, “What? I thought he already was president.” A gifted leader and one of the hardest working gents around, we couldn’t be happier to see our man of the people promoted to a title worthy of a guy with questionable goal tending skills.
Since joining TRIS3CT in 2007, Tim has been instrumental in driving the agency’s rapid expansion through a series of new business wins, strong organic growth with existing clients and his unsettling ability to not require sleep.

Click here to read more about Tim, where’s he’s been and what makes him tick. We think it’s an ungodly amount of coffee.

#2. Take the Scott Naturals 4-Week Test Drive

What if you could help save over 2 million trees without even noticing? You’d do it right? Well, that’s the idea behind our latest commercial program for Scott Naturals. Scott Naturals happen to be the world’s first line of hybrid paper products. The hybrid technology is what allows them to work so well that everyday folk like you and me won’t even notice we’ve gone green – even when a tree bursts through the kitchen floor.

While most of the tree-bursting effects featured in the Scott Naturals TV spot were done digitally, we managed to capture some crazy-cool destruction while on set. Check it out.  WARNING: VIDEO CONTAINS MASSIVE EXPLOSIONS!!!

#3. Iron Ch3f: Cookies

With a baker’s-dozen different varieties of cookies tempting our tummies, suffice it to say that everyone spoiled their lunch last Thursday. There were chocolate chips and toffee crumbles, fruitful twists and artful coatings. It was quite a scene. But there was one cookie that out-crunched them all—Ms. Molly Scanlon’s Compost Cookie, with a top-secret combination of mix-ins, like salty pretzels and yummy Heath bars for a perfect balance of salty and sweet.

Playing second spatula was Michelle’s classic chocolate chip with spicy cinnamon, and in third was Erika Rosenwinkel and her refreshing lemon sugar cookie with just the right chew.

And when, at 3pm the whole agency came crashing down from a sugar high, there was nothing left to say but “Stay chewy, my friends.”

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