3 Things for March 8th, 2011


Tris3ct was profiled in the latest issue of Crain’s. Our CEO, Dick Thomas, shared some wisdom and thoughts about the state of the industry and how shops like Tris3ct are changing the landscape. You can read more for yourself below; click the image and zoom it on up.



The people I work with are pretty incredible—Impressionists, Expressionists, and a metal crafter with a razor sharp, post-modern style that’s unique to the West Loop. As if that wasn’t enough culture to take in, musical artistes Joel, Steve, Michelle R. and Jenae topped off the evening with a live, musical performance of a Johnny Cash classic. I’m still swaying.


So much honor. So many beans.

It was an unseasonably warm day in February but, during our Chili Cook-off, there were Crock Pots full of seasonin’. But only one could make a vegetarian question their worldview—Connor McShane’s smoky, tangy, briskety, taste bud-walloping chili.


Of the experience, Danny O’ Connor said, “If Bobby Flay and Michael Jordan had a baby, and that baby punched you in the mouth, it wouldn’t be quite as powerful as Connor’s chili.”

Whoa. But Connor’s wasn’t the only great chili—second place went to Lydia “Black-Eyed B” Ballenger for her black-eyed pea chili, third went to Aaron “White Tornado” Noffsinger for his inventive white chili. And all of us got a belly-full of delicious.


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