3 Things for February 21st, 2011

February makes us shiver.

# 1. One Little Switch Promotion for Cottonelle Ultra

One little switch can feel unexpectedly good, and it could also pay off for consumers in the Make the Ultra Switch promotion, where they’ll look inside packages for a chance to win one of 90, relationship-refreshing, prizes in 90 days.

Switching to Cottonelle Ultra is just the swift but supple kick in the rear that routines across the country need. You can read more about the promotion in PROMO Magazine.

#2. Scott Naturals Tube-Free

Watch this.

When the toilet paper runs out, few people think twice about throwing away one tiny, seemingly insignificant tube. But each year, all those tubes add up, and create an enormous amount of trash. Scott decided to do things right by launching Scott Naturals Tube-Free bath tissue. But what about the tubes? We brought them together to prove a point, and to show how easy it is to Free the Tubes. (Click the images to view larger versions.)

# 3.  Old Style Beer Retrospective

It is with a heavy and Authentically Kraeusened heart that we’re officially saying goodbye to one account that helped put our agency on the map—Old Style Beer. Due to an ownership change, we are no longer the agency of record for Old Style Beer, though we maintain some great relationships with our friends at Pabst. It was a five-year, award-winning relationship that began in 2006 with work to reposition the brand and promote the Old Style partnership with the Chicago Cubs. Tris3ct then re-launched the brand in 2009 with the “Love Your Team. Grow the Ivy.” campaign with revolutionary, temperature sensitive labels on bottles of Old Style. 2010 brought more Kraeusening—radio that got better every second with local comedians from Improv Olympic and a “Diamond Anniversary”campaign that was a Cubs fan-favorite. We’re very proud of the work we’ve done for our Old Style clients and hope our paths cross again in the future. (Click the images to view larger versions.)

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