3 Things for February 14, 2011

#1. We’ve got a dirty little secret. Over the past nine months TRIS3CT, along with Kimberly-Clark, has been working diligently to get Mike Rowe and his parents on board as the new VIVA® Towels brand advocate. And after a few late nights, a little sweat and a lot of dirt, we are proud to share our dirty little program.  Aside from a dirty little spot, we’ve created shelf-talks, FSIs and our pals at Colossal Squid developed some dirty online work as well.

#2. Keep it dirty. If we learned one thing from working with Mike Rowe, it’s that you’ve got to keep it dirty. And we plan on doing just that. But not before sharing a little news from the King of Dirt’s blog and some accolades from AdAge. The new program launches on Valentine’s Day, which seems apropos considering just how dirty things get.

#3. Partners in grime. Moving forward Mike Rowe will continue working with VIVA® Towels through his partnership with Kimberly-Clark and TRIS3CT. Stay tuned to see what kind of dirty mess Mike gets into next. You can be certain of one thing – unquilted VIVA® Towels will be there to clean it up.

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