3 Things for September 27th, 2010

1. Marketing Food Fights Delivers Brilliance at Breakfast

The Chicago Chapter recently hosted its fourth Marketing Food Fight over breakfast at the Mid America Club. Back by popular demand, the delicious discussion paired fresh insights with a side of scrambled eggs. “Borrowing Equity to Build Brands” was the latest topic, and industry experts were hand-selected for their intimate knowledge of spokespeople, sponsorships, sports and all that it takes to reach consumers to share their insights. In addition to all the discussion, there was some action as well. Pro Flatlands BMX rider Terry Adams made an appearance to show off some of his skill. Take a look below for some shots of the event.

2. Viva Towers Over the Competition

Oh, giant VIVA roll how we’ve missed you. You’ve been on quite a journey across this country helping Sandy and her 1-Steppers break quilted habits. We’re so glad you stopped by Tris3ct for hugs and a quick hello. Obviously, some of us missed you more than others. See what else VIVA has been up to, including a cameo by giant VIVA roll, here.

3. Tris3ct gets around to adding an in-house producer. Finally.

Trisect is proud to announce the arrival of Tyler Jay, Executive Producer. Tyler comes to Trisect light on hair follicles but heavy on production experience having worked as both a line producer and as an agency producer. This unique skill set has not only lead to some Oscar-worthy home movies for the Jay family but also helps bolster Trisect’s production capabilities. And it’s already paying off for Trisect clients. On a side note, anyone looking for Tyler to film a totally awesome segway highlight video, save yourself the time. He’ll refuse. I may or may not know from experience.

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