3 Things for August 3rd, 2010

#1. The Interns. This summer, we had the privilege to host four interns; Katherine Salerno, Christine Oleksiuk, Demarcus Carlton, and Russell Michniak. Their creativity and passion for the industry is proof that they will be successful in their post-college careers. Thanks for the hard work and we wish you all the best!

#2. We’re #68! We made the PROMO Top 100 again. With the addition of many talented people, we were able to jump a couple spots from #82 to #68. We were also featured in the Retail Spotlight section of the report. To check out all the agencies that made the list click here.

#3. This summer the U3 departed Navy Pier for its maiden voyage on Lake Michigan. What was the big event, you ask? The first-ever Tris3ct Booze Cruise. The cruise featured, well, booze, live paraoke (if you don’t know what paraoke is, Google it), and prizes in 7 categories including Best Paraoke Performance. Good times, and hangovers, were had by all.

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