3 Things for July 22, 2011

#1. Unexpected reunion at little “t”

Tris3ct continues to hold true to its commitment to creating unexpected intersections between brands, ideas and people, most recently proven by the unexpected reunion among Lauren Zeinfeld and Ally Healey – two friends who unbeknownst to each other (and us) started at little “t” just days apart. Screams followed by joy followed by a quick catch up informed all the east side residents of 2N that they must know each other.

What else do Lauren and Ally have in common?

  • They both went to DePaul.
  • They both had the same major.
  • They both like the same types of people (hence they have the same friends).
  • They both rode Lauren’s scooter to lunch the other day.
  • They both can recite the alphabet backwards in less than 10 seconds.
  • And now they can both say they work at Tris3ct.

How unexpected.

#2. West Loop Frying Pan.
The long awaited summer has finally arrived and along with unseasonably warm (and climbing temperatures) Mother Nature has been gracious enough to dump big ol’ buckets of humidity on us too. That said, if there really is a place so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk, we’re pretty certain it’s the West Loop.
Here’s an egg frying on the street.

#3. Uni-ball asks, “What does your pen say about you?”

They say first impressions are everything. Apparently that applies even when it comes to writing instruments. TRIS3CT uncovered the insight that “the pen you choose says a lot about you” —especially for young professionals in their work environment. The strategy was to demonstrate that Uni-ball pens are an easy and affordable way for our target to improve their everyday experiences. The campaign garnered a number of other firsts as well…

-First fully integrated campaign that included digital, social media and promotions for the Uni-ball brand

-First commercial directing project from Fred Savage who has directed Modern Family and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

-First web video campaign (1, 2, and 3) from the brand to target young professionals with humor

-First major online and on-pack instant win promotion for Uni-ball

What we love most about all of these fabulous firsts are the unexpected results…

-Over one million facebook page views and counting.

-Triple the number of likes for the brand on their facebook page.

-Countless media articles, PR and free exposure for the brand. Read some of the reviews below…

Ad Age


Lewis Lazare, now of ReelChicago

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3 Things for May 23, 2011

#1. Little t’s #5

Out of all the companies in Illinois, The Daily Herald Business Ledger honored us as the 5th best small/mid-size company to work for. The results were based on a company evaluation and an online survey administered privately to all employees—it’s an honor we strongly agree with. As you may have witnessed from this blog, we think we’ve got a great place to work. But here’s a little bit of why we think we’re #5:

10. The first hello of the morning

9. The rooftop view

8. Cool-de-sac

7. Big table free lunch

6. The infectious laughs of the office

5. Workout balls taking over

4. El Presidente

3. Fat truck megaphone

2. Music sharing

1. Beer & Timesheets
#2. It’s So Hard To Say Good-Bye

Two of our nearest and dearest TRIS3CTERS, Emily and April are bidding us adieu.

Emily is headed back to Tejas to pursue warm weather and a Ban De Soleil tan. It’s only been a few weeks and we already miss her trademark cackle more than she knows. A talented writer who worked across many accounts, Emily’s quick laugh, tenacity and gung-ho attitude will be a hard act to follow.

April’s leaving us to go down-under and discover that Aussies like more than Fosters, koala bears and bloomin’ onions. The glue that kept the Kimberly Clark account sane, April’s ability to remember all the details with a cool head will be one of her many talents we’ll miss. On top of her workload, she also started the TRIS3CT GALL3ERY and made sure every birthday boy and girl had cake. April, you sure we can’t install that Bat phone?

Best of luck to these über-talented ladies. We wish you continued success in all your endeavors.

#3. One Night. Stained.

To celebrate the launch of Stained by Sharpie, we threw a party—a party that started clean and then got progressively more colorful thanks to 16 bright shades of fabric markers. Each of us stepped up to a blank canvas, and, like we do, we built off of each other’s ideas. You can watch it all happen in this time-lapse video.
Stop by the west side to add a sketch or two to the unfinished piece.

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3 Things for May 12, 2011

#1. Business Tim Hits the Big Time

TRIS3CT has a new president and he goes by the name of Tim Nelson. Tim has been appointed from managing director to president, yet the employees were saying the same thing, “What? I thought he already was president.” A gifted leader and one of the hardest working gents around, we couldn’t be happier to see our man of the people promoted to a title worthy of a guy with questionable goal tending skills.
Since joining TRIS3CT in 2007, Tim has been instrumental in driving the agency’s rapid expansion through a series of new business wins, strong organic growth with existing clients and his unsettling ability to not require sleep.

Click here to read more about Tim, where’s he’s been and what makes him tick. We think it’s an ungodly amount of coffee.

#2. Take the Scott Naturals 4-Week Test Drive

What if you could help save over 2 million trees without even noticing? You’d do it right? Well, that’s the idea behind our latest commercial program for Scott Naturals. Scott Naturals happen to be the world’s first line of hybrid paper products. The hybrid technology is what allows them to work so well that everyday folk like you and me won’t even notice we’ve gone green – even when a tree bursts through the kitchen floor.

While most of the tree-bursting effects featured in the Scott Naturals TV spot were done digitally, we managed to capture some crazy-cool destruction while on set. Check it out.  WARNING: VIDEO CONTAINS MASSIVE EXPLOSIONS!!!

#3. Iron Ch3f: Cookies

With a baker’s-dozen different varieties of cookies tempting our tummies, suffice it to say that everyone spoiled their lunch last Thursday. There were chocolate chips and toffee crumbles, fruitful twists and artful coatings. It was quite a scene. But there was one cookie that out-crunched them all—Ms. Molly Scanlon’s Compost Cookie, with a top-secret combination of mix-ins, like salty pretzels and yummy Heath bars for a perfect balance of salty and sweet.

Playing second spatula was Michelle’s classic chocolate chip with spicy cinnamon, and in third was Erika Rosenwinkel and her refreshing lemon sugar cookie with just the right chew.

And when, at 3pm the whole agency came crashing down from a sugar high, there was nothing left to say but “Stay chewy, my friends.”

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3 Things for April 15th, 2011

Your Life. Stained.

Tris3ct is pretty excited to start staining up pretty much everything around the office. We helped Sharpie launch a new sub-brand: Sharpie Stained fabric markers. They’ll be dropping at retailers around the country any day now. These amazing little markers allow you to take pretty much anything like t-shirts, shoes, backpacks or beer koozies and mark them up and put your personal stain on it. It was a fun campaign to work on, and we can’t wait to start testing out the new products. Just hope Sheila doesn’t mind the implications for the office furniture.

Life In The Fast Lane.

Kawasaki is laying down some rubber and racking up the miles this spring. We helped them launch two coast-to-coast bike demo tours, the Ticket 2 Ride and Vulcan Nation events. Both tours give riders in select metros, as well as major motorcycle events like Sturgis and Daytona, a chance to test ride Kawasaki motorcycles. It’s the first event of its kind, and we’re pretty happy with the way it’s turned out.

West Loop Spike Shop Re-Opens for Business.

It’s that time again. The time to start finding sand in weird places, spending evenings at Wells on Wells and the annual reminder that our most athletic years are probably behind us. That’s right, folks, its beach volleyball season and the West Loop Spike Shop is open for business. Again. It’s going to be another season of laser-like serves, killer bump and sets and brutal spikes.

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3 Things for March 8th, 2011


Tris3ct was profiled in the latest issue of Crain’s. Our CEO, Dick Thomas, shared some wisdom and thoughts about the state of the industry and how shops like Tris3ct are changing the landscape. You can read more for yourself below; click the image and zoom it on up.



The people I work with are pretty incredible—Impressionists, Expressionists, and a metal crafter with a razor sharp, post-modern style that’s unique to the West Loop. As if that wasn’t enough culture to take in, musical artistes Joel, Steve, Michelle R. and Jenae topped off the evening with a live, musical performance of a Johnny Cash classic. I’m still swaying.


So much honor. So many beans.

It was an unseasonably warm day in February but, during our Chili Cook-off, there were Crock Pots full of seasonin’. But only one could make a vegetarian question their worldview—Connor McShane’s smoky, tangy, briskety, taste bud-walloping chili.


Of the experience, Danny O’ Connor said, “If Bobby Flay and Michael Jordan had a baby, and that baby punched you in the mouth, it wouldn’t be quite as powerful as Connor’s chili.”

Whoa. But Connor’s wasn’t the only great chili—second place went to Lydia “Black-Eyed B” Ballenger for her black-eyed pea chili, third went to Aaron “White Tornado” Noffsinger for his inventive white chili. And all of us got a belly-full of delicious.


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3 Things for February 21st, 2011

February makes us shiver.

# 1. One Little Switch Promotion for Cottonelle Ultra

One little switch can feel unexpectedly good, and it could also pay off for consumers in the Make the Ultra Switch promotion, where they’ll look inside packages for a chance to win one of 90, relationship-refreshing, prizes in 90 days.

Switching to Cottonelle Ultra is just the swift but supple kick in the rear that routines across the country need. You can read more about the promotion in PROMO Magazine.

#2. Scott Naturals Tube-Free

Watch this.

When the toilet paper runs out, few people think twice about throwing away one tiny, seemingly insignificant tube. But each year, all those tubes add up, and create an enormous amount of trash. Scott decided to do things right by launching Scott Naturals Tube-Free bath tissue. But what about the tubes? We brought them together to prove a point, and to show how easy it is to Free the Tubes. (Click the images to view larger versions.)

# 3.  Old Style Beer Retrospective

It is with a heavy and Authentically Kraeusened heart that we’re officially saying goodbye to one account that helped put our agency on the map—Old Style Beer. Due to an ownership change, we are no longer the agency of record for Old Style Beer, though we maintain some great relationships with our friends at Pabst. It was a five-year, award-winning relationship that began in 2006 with work to reposition the brand and promote the Old Style partnership with the Chicago Cubs. Tris3ct then re-launched the brand in 2009 with the “Love Your Team. Grow the Ivy.” campaign with revolutionary, temperature sensitive labels on bottles of Old Style. 2010 brought more Kraeusening—radio that got better every second with local comedians from Improv Olympic and a “Diamond Anniversary”campaign that was a Cubs fan-favorite. We’re very proud of the work we’ve done for our Old Style clients and hope our paths cross again in the future. (Click the images to view larger versions.)

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3 Things for February 14, 2011

#1. We’ve got a dirty little secret. Over the past nine months TRIS3CT, along with Kimberly-Clark, has been working diligently to get Mike Rowe and his parents on board as the new VIVA® Towels brand advocate. And after a few late nights, a little sweat and a lot of dirt, we are proud to share our dirty little program.  Aside from a dirty little spot, we’ve created shelf-talks, FSIs and our pals at Colossal Squid developed some dirty online work as well.

#2. Keep it dirty. If we learned one thing from working with Mike Rowe, it’s that you’ve got to keep it dirty. And we plan on doing just that. But not before sharing a little news from the King of Dirt’s blog and some accolades from AdAge. The new program launches on Valentine’s Day, which seems apropos considering just how dirty things get.

#3. Partners in grime. Moving forward Mike Rowe will continue working with VIVA® Towels through his partnership with Kimberly-Clark and TRIS3CT. Stay tuned to see what kind of dirty mess Mike gets into next. You can be certain of one thing – unquilted VIVA® Towels will be there to clean it up.

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3 Things for January 27th, 2011

A look back at the year of the tiger.

#1. Our holiday party started with an unusual amount of class. Because, on that day, we were what Don Draper, Roger Sterling, and Peggy Olson wish they were—well-dressed Tris3ctors. Look at how we took a Mad Men-themed holiday party to strange and unusual places and see if you can spot your favorite bloke or bird of little t.

#2. At Tris3ct, there’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than Bacon’ Some Dreams Come True for local kids. So, with the air smelling of cinnamon, spice and rendered pork fat, we had a gift drive for Dreams for Kids as part of their Holiday for Hope. Thanks to Georgia, Sally and Kurt for organizing the event, and to Ryan for capturing some great shots of smiling faces.

#3. She was kind enough to share from the dozen tubs of Red Vines that were waiting for her on her first day at Tris3ct. But that’s only one reason we’re glad to have Sarah Gleason here. She’s a great art director, a triathlete, an accomplished cook (from the looks of her blog) and she’s really nice to have a chat with.

Little known fact, she’s been taking a photo of herself every day at work for 3 years.

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/9231815″>Picture a day</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user2192118″>Sarah Gleason</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Welcome to little t, Sarah. We promise we won’t give you bunny ears.

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3 Things for September 27th, 2010

1. Marketing Food Fights Delivers Brilliance at Breakfast

The Chicago Chapter recently hosted its fourth Marketing Food Fight over breakfast at the Mid America Club. Back by popular demand, the delicious discussion paired fresh insights with a side of scrambled eggs. “Borrowing Equity to Build Brands” was the latest topic, and industry experts were hand-selected for their intimate knowledge of spokespeople, sponsorships, sports and all that it takes to reach consumers to share their insights. In addition to all the discussion, there was some action as well. Pro Flatlands BMX rider Terry Adams made an appearance to show off some of his skill. Take a look below for some shots of the event.

2. Viva Towers Over the Competition

Oh, giant VIVA roll how we’ve missed you. You’ve been on quite a journey across this country helping Sandy and her 1-Steppers break quilted habits. We’re so glad you stopped by Tris3ct for hugs and a quick hello. Obviously, some of us missed you more than others. See what else VIVA has been up to, including a cameo by giant VIVA roll, here.

3. Tris3ct gets around to adding an in-house producer. Finally.

Trisect is proud to announce the arrival of Tyler Jay, Executive Producer. Tyler comes to Trisect light on hair follicles but heavy on production experience having worked as both a line producer and as an agency producer. This unique skill set has not only lead to some Oscar-worthy home movies for the Jay family but also helps bolster Trisect’s production capabilities. And it’s already paying off for Trisect clients. On a side note, anyone looking for Tyler to film a totally awesome segway highlight video, save yourself the time. He’ll refuse. I may or may not know from experience.

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3 Things for August 3rd, 2010

#1. The Interns. This summer, we had the privilege to host four interns; Katherine Salerno, Christine Oleksiuk, Demarcus Carlton, and Russell Michniak. Their creativity and passion for the industry is proof that they will be successful in their post-college careers. Thanks for the hard work and we wish you all the best!

#2. We’re #68! We made the PROMO Top 100 again. With the addition of many talented people, we were able to jump a couple spots from #82 to #68. We were also featured in the Retail Spotlight section of the report. To check out all the agencies that made the list click here.

#3. This summer the U3 departed Navy Pier for its maiden voyage on Lake Michigan. What was the big event, you ask? The first-ever Tris3ct Booze Cruise. The cruise featured, well, booze, live paraoke (if you don’t know what paraoke is, Google it), and prizes in 7 categories including Best Paraoke Performance. Good times, and hangovers, were had by all.

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